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Steering Committee (Off-Trail) Positions

Serving on the Steering Committee is an important way to support ICO's mission.  For more information, please see our Get Involved page, attend a volunteer orientation, or email See Steering Committee job descriptions below and volunteer for one of them!

 Boston ICO Steering Committee

 Chair - Ben Pignatelli 

 Treasurer - Amy Mullen

Agency Liaison, Justice Resource Institute - Rachael Allison

Volunteer Coordinator - Allison Rieck 

 Agency Liaison, Seaport Academy & HeartWood Wilderness Expeditions - Mat Apesche

Agency Liaison, Boston University-Upward Bound - Cassie Bannos

  Agency Liaison, Teen Center at St. Peters - Matt Perkins



  •  Be a current Sierra Club member (required)
  •  Have a willingness and desire to do the job and to do it well (required)
  •  Accept a minimum one year commitment
  •  Act as a contact for national and regional ICO, and communicate on a timely basis with National Steering Committee members and National Staff as needed or requested
  •  Be familiar with resource materials for leaders on Sierra Club websites
  •  Disseminate national ICO policies and information to all local volunteers
  •  Keep ICO National Staff and National Steering Committee representatives informed about local group activities
  •  Develop and prioritize goals for the ICO Group
  •  Oversee the ICO Group and delegate tasks to other volunteers
  •  Monitor the activities of each volunteer committee or volunteers in a leadership position within the ICO Group, and coordinate efforts as needed
  •  Conduct regular meetings and coordinate special events
  •  Enforce leadership certification rules and leader requirements
  •  Participate in the ICO Chair listserve
  •  Mentor and train the next Chair
  •  Attend national and regional conferences
  •  Ensure that Steering Committee meeting notes are taken and distributed (e.g., can assign rotating member responsibilities)
  •  Must ensure completion: Prepare quarterly insurance reports and Annual Reports, and ensure completion by Treasurer of financial reports and grant reconciliations for National ICO
  •  Must ensure completion: Write ICO articles for national and local Sierra Club newsletters
  •  Must ensure completion: Attend and report to Sierra Club Chapter or Group Executive Committee meetings on ICO activities
  •  Must ensure completion: Recruit and follow up on new volunteers (at Sierra Club general meetings, new member potluck dinners, orientation meetings and other events)
  •  Must ensure completion: Develop and conduct ongoing leader training opportunities (including ICO OLT 101, CARP, & First Aid)
  •  Must ensure completion: Maintain current leader certifications and training data in LEADERS database

Vice Chair

  • Support the Chair responsibilities and fulfillment of tasks as determined by Chair and agreed to by Vice Chair
  • Support responsibilities of positions that are vacant or seeking replacement
  • Maintain the volunteer, outing, and destinations database


  • Keep records and receipts of all financial transactions
  • Keep records and receipts of all financial transactions
  • Report on group's financial status at each general meeting
  • Act as liaison between ICO group and Sierra Club Group/Chapter Treasurer and national ICO staff on financial issues
  • Submit expense reports with receipts to ICO National Assistant when required
  • Complete grant reconciliations for National ICO
  • Complete annual Sierra Club Financial Statement and submit to Chapter Treasurer and ICO Administrator
  • Make written requests to ICO National Assistant for transfer of Sierra Club Foundation funds to local ICO account
  • Maintain working knowledge of Sierra Club Foundation procedures for ICO donations
  • Work with fundraisers to prepare group's annual budget and financial reports for funders

Fundraising Chair

  • Work with key ICO leadership (Chair/Treasurer) to develop annual group budget
  • Set annual fundraising goals to support ICO goals
  • Oversee fundraising projects and events
  • Work with ICO Administrator to prepare grant applications, grant reports and all solicitations
  • Solicit in-kind donations as needed
  • Keep ICO Administrator informed on all fund raising projects
  • Write "thank you" notes for all donations to maintain donor stewardship
  • Keep track of donations and follow-up reports

Communications Manager 
  •  Manage the ICO Boston list-serv
  •  Prepare outings calendar monthly for all committee members
  •  Manage the ICO group's master trip calendar
  •  Create and maintain volunteer recruitment materials (both electronic and print versions)
  •  Coordinate distribution of ICO materials
  •  Submit ICO articles to local Sierra Club newsletters, Sierra Club website, & ICO National News
  •  Send press releases to local media; coordinate interviews
  •  Send current ICO news items to ICO group webmaster
  •  Promote ICO within the Sierra Club and in the community
  •  Oversee Webmaster, or fulfill Webmaster functions
  •  Manage the design and maintenance of the ICO web and extranet sites
  •  Accommodate content updates to the website, extranet, and database as necessary
  •  Ensure that current web technologies are applied when relevant and if possible

Volunteer Coordinator 

  •  Act as primary contact for prospective volunteers
  •  Participate in the volunteer screening process
  •  Assess leader needs and coordinate leader training workshops as needed
  •  Prepare and disseminate leader information
  •  Plan special informational programs for ongoing training at monthly meetings
  •  Set up and run New Volunteer Orientation meetings
  •  Keep ICO group members aware of upcoming first aid trainings and the like
  •  Manage certified leader requirements (i.e., first aid, background checks)
  •  Maintain Sierra Club's LEADER database
  •  Send reminder notices to leaders when certifications expire