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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994


Expense Reimbursement

Resources and Trip Checklist

Volunteer Resources

Volunteers must attend a New Volunteer Orientation meeting (meeting dates are posted on the Calendar). Before participating on a trip with kids, volunteers must fill out the following forms:

Volunteer Agreement

Code of Ethics

Volunteer Application

Leader Resources

Provisional Leader Checklist

Certified Leader Evaluation Checklist

Certified Outdoor Leaders can access the Sierra Club site for resources needed to plan successful trips

Sierra Club, ICO Extranet (policies, procedures, forms, safety management plans, games ideas, etc.)

Username = clubhouse; password = explore

Trip Checklist for Leaders

  • On each trip, Leaders are responsible for managing (doing or delegating) the following:
  • Planning the trip with the partner agency and/or ICO Agency Liaison-- agreeing on date, destination, and participants
  • Preparing and sharing the Agenda/Safety Management Plan in advance with agency and volunteers
  • Purchasing food, snacks and waters for the kids and adult participants. We usually provide a healthy assortment of sandwiches (multigrain bread, cold cuts, PB&J, and hummus, plus condiments, knives, and paper towels for "plates"), carrots, fruits, granola bars, cheese sticks, and bottled water since most kids don't have their own water bottles. Reimbursement requests can be sent to Treasurer
  • Soliciting and confirming volunteers (minimum 1 Leader + 1 volunteer per trip)
  • Planning and leading opening circle on trip (usually an introductions/name game)
  • Planning and leading closing circle on trip (usually a "what was the most memorable part of day?" exchange)
  • Taking and uploading photos to website
  • Writing and emailing out a trip report, within 1 week (Communications Manager will post to website)
  • Receiving and sharing feedback on trip with Chair

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