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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

May 6 2012 - Blue Hills Hike and Observatory with Zumix and East Boston Neighborhood Health Center

On May 6, 17 kids, 3 agency representatives, and 5 Boston Sierra Club ICO volunteers explored the wonders of Blue Hills Reservation. On the short bus ride to nearby Milton, the kids from Zumix and East Boston Neighborhood Health Center started our trip with an overview of the day and an impromptu quiz about the Blue Hills. There were some creative answers to ‘How big is an acre?’ and ‘Why are they called the Blue Hills?’ and ‘How many of the 125 miles of trails will we walk today?’

Once at the Blue Hills we got to know each other with a quick name game and then headed up the Sky Line Trail to Eliot Tower for lunch. We had participants ranging in ages from 8 to 16 and one of the best parts of the day was seeing older kids and more experienced hikers help the younger ones as they navigated their way up and down the trails. On the way up we tried to take breaks to enjoy the views of Houghton’s Pond while the kids always made sure we were on the right track by finding the ‘blue dot’ that marked the trail.

After lunch we took in the view of Boston from the top of Eliot Tower before we split up for afternoon activities. Part of the group was interested in touring the Weather Observatory and others were game for a tour of the Trailside Museum. Before heading back to Boston the group met up to share the best part of their days. The Snowy Owl in the wildlife area was a crowd favorite!

Thanks to Chris, Brian, Allison, and Laura for volunteering and joining us in a great day!


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