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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

03 March 2018

ICO Trip Report

Upward Bound and Boston ICO met at McIntrye Ski Area in Manchester, NH this past Saturday. It was a crisp morning which turned into a beautiful day. The group of 24 students and four teachers arrived at the ski area around 11.30 am. ICO Volunteer Nicki arrived at the same time as she joined the group in Boston for the ride up.

ICO Leader Rachael and ICO Volunteer Mat were already at the mountain when everyone arrived. After a short bathroom break, the tubing hill lift tickets were distributed and we all walked out to check out the hill. The tubing session did not begin until 1p, so we found a spot out of the wind to circle up.

We decided to warm up for the day’s activity with a group stretch. As we went around the circle, everyone stated their name, college of choice, the animal they would like to be, and all while doing a preferred stretch. The rest of the group performed the stretch as well, so it was a nice little workout. After this, we broke into two groups and rolled out the challenge of unwinding the human knot.

It was the perfect time for lunch, so we headed inside to gather for sandwiches, fruit, and other healthy snacks. The break went by quickly as everyone put on the warm clothes to head outside once again. The sun was peeking through the clouds, the wind was still, and we all grabbed tubes and headed up to the magic carpet to take the first run.

The first two students went down with a shriek, and others quickly followed – spinning and swirling and having a great thrill. The intermittent sunshine peeked through the clouds as everyone soared down the hill. The hot thing to do was to join tubes with a group of others to pick up enough speed to make it over the second hill. So exciting! And then the racing began, to determine the fastest lane and the most skilled tuber. Thanks to the Winter Olympics for bringing out the competitive edge in everyone!

After the session was over we headed back inside for another snack, before heading off to the bus at 3.30p. Volunteer Nicki lead the closing circle before calling it a day. I must say it was another great trip for ICO and Upward Bound. Until we meet again!