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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

June 26, 2011 – George's Island with Zumix

We had a lovely day on George's Island this past Sunday. 16 kids (ages 8-18) from Zumix and 6 adult volunteers all took the 11am ferry to George's (courtesy of Island Alliance). The kids loved the boat ride as we all crowded out onto the bow of the boat to enjoy the scenery, wind and the bumps. 

At 2pm we headed of to a self guided fort tour. Kids that had gone last year were very interested in walking through the dark, scary tunnel again and also revisiting the "echo" chamber room. The acoustical sounds that the room offers is great fun for these kids from Zumix (music based organization) so we spent some time making lots of noises and listening to the reverberations. Lastly we walked up along the ramparts to take in the views of Boston Light and the Brewster Islands. We stopped for a group photo and then headed back to catch the ferry home. A great day out with the kids, all in all!

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