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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

June 22, 2014 - Georges Island with Zumix

On Sunday June 22, 2014, we met at Zumix in East Boston on a warm and sunny day. Once everyone had arrived, we made our way to the Blue Line and took it one stop to the Aquarium where we hurried over to catch our ferry, leaving promptly at 10:00am for Georges Island. ICO volunteers Ben, Kirsy, Swas, Lian and Rebecca met up with Zumix’s staff member, Michael, and ten Zumix kids: (Don’t remember all their names!). On the ferry ride over, we heard a nice history of the Boston Harbor and even heard an old ghost story about “The Lady in Black” who is said to haunt Georges Island. When we arrived on the island, we found a shady spot inside the walls of the Fort and held the opening circle. Everyone shared what they had for dinner the night before along with something they had noticed about the environment since departing for the trip.

After opening circle, we started our adventure and began to explore the island. It wasn’t long before we split up into two groups to check out different parts of the fort. The kids explored dark stairways and tunnels, old buildings and abandoned watch towers. We moved from one bare, stone room to another, testing out the echoes and climbing in and out of windows. The kids even got to use the acoustics of one of the empty rooms to their advantage and sang a couple verses of ‘We Will Rock You’!

The whole group met up at 12:30 for a picnic lunch of sandwiches, carrots, hummus and dried fruit. After lunch, we wandered over to the Fort Warren Museum to escape the cool island breeze for a few minutes and eventually made it down to the beach to look for crabs and skip stones. Before catching our ferry back to Boston, we had just enough time to put our fears aside and walk through the dark tunnel, one of the Lady in Black’s favorite hiding spots, no lights allowed!

At about 2:00, our ferry back to the city pulled up to the dock so we made our way to the top deck to enjoy a little more sunshine and the view of the other harbor islands. We arrived back at Long Wharf and gathered around for closing circle. Everyone shared their favorite part of the day and something about the environment of their neighborhood.

View photos from the trip here!


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