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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

Trip / July 18, 2010 – George’s Island with ZUMIX

On July 18th we had our first trip in 3 years with our original agency organization, ZUMIX! Our trip included 18 children, 6 leaders/volunteers, the ZUMIX agency liaison and a member of Sierra Club who was there to video tape the trip for the 40th anniversary of the Sierra Club's Boston chapter. It was a beautiful day for the trip! We started at ZUMIX at 9:15am with bagels for all. We then got all the kids to the Blue Line and headed over to the ferry kiosk for an 11am ferry. Island Alliance of the National Park Service was generous enough to provide us with all 26 ferry tickets at no charge! 

Once on island, the activities included a wonderful ranger tour of the old fort, a very dark, damp and scary tunnel for the kids enjoyment, Southeast Indian Bhangra dancers, skipping rocks in the ocean, flying kites and a fabulous lunch by the sea. We had a lovely breeze off the water to keep us cool as well. The ferry ride to and from the island had wonderful views of sailboats, lighthouses and tugboats off for a day's work.

We ended our trip with the kids back at ZUMIX in East Boston around 4:30. Our agency liaison then provided the volunteers a great tour of the new ZUMIX facility that they have created by renovating the old firehouse on Sumner Street. The musical equipment they have acquired for the kids is amazing!

All in all, a wonderful day! I hope you all get a chance to join in on one of the trips this summer and enjoy the fun! We have several canoe trips coming up!!

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