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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

July 16, 2011 – George's Island

On Saturday July 16, we enjoyed a gorgeous day at Boston Harbor's George's Island with 14 kids, aged 8 to 12, from East Boston Neighborhood Health Center's (EBNHC) Let's Get Movin' program, 3 chaperones-- Meredith, Adam, and Kevin from EBNHC/Americorps, and 3 volunteers-- Amy, Karen, and Rucker-- from ICO. We took the blue line 1 stop to Aquarium and walked a block to the ferry terminal.

Among the many delights and discoveries from the day were: the first boat ride ever for at least 2 of the kids (thanks to Boston Harbor Island Alliance for donating free ferry tickets); a ranger-guided tour of Fort Warren, including a haunted tunnel so dark you can't see anything around you; turkey, cheese, and PB&J on whole wheat bread, and brave attempts at tasting hummus and carrot combinations; picking our own delicious raspberries-- and learning to discern the difference between tart and ripe-- from bushes near the picnic grounds; learning with lightning speed the game of "braces," which involves throwing hoops using sticks, and was used in Victorian times to train children to be graceful; 3 rounds of tag games, 2 water breaks, and 1 "boot camp," coincidentally offered by the Let's Move Outside! program staff, where kids were tricked into working core body strength by moving around like bears, frogs, sand crabs, and donkeys; playground breaks with repeated runs up and down a spiral slide; rock skipping and testing the island-side waters up to ankles or knees; and a closing game of Hi-Ya orchestrated by Karen. Whew! A VERY busy, and very fun, day.

The ferry home was about 30 minutes late, but aside from that it was a near perfect day. Many thanks to everyone involved!

Click to see pictures from the day, illustrating how active and adorable the kids were:


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