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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

Welch and Dickey Camping Trip (7/14-7/15)

Saturday morning Mat and Clay departed with 3 students from Seaport Academy for southern New Hampshire. Space in the vehicle was extremely tight, but with good company and good tunes our crew endured all the way to the Osceola Vista Campground. Our campsite was incredible, with breathtaking views of Mt. Osceola. Rainclouds were fast approaching, and we got tarps and tents up just in time before it started raining.

After settling in we drove 15 minutes down the road to the Smart Brooks trail, where we enjoyed a short and beautiful wooded hike that followed the Smarts Brook. As we pulled up to the trailhead the rain cleared. The students led the charge down the trail, which opened up to a picturesque gorge with granite cliffs.

Upon returning to the campsite the students built up a roaring fire, and we grilled hot dogs and hamburgers over open flames. The group stayed up until 12:00 sharing stories and enjoying the twinkle of burning embers.

The following morning we arose around 7:00AM to thick fog and mist. After a hearty breakfast of corned beef hash, eggs, and fire roasted vegetables we packed up as the fog cleared. The day was hot and humid, about 85 degrees. We arrived at the Welch and Dickey trailhead, downed several bottles of water, and made a few sandwiches for the hike. After a moderate start the trail quickly steepened as it transitioned from dirt trail to exposed granite. The group endured intense heat and burning thighs, which paid off in the end with gorgeous views of the White Mountains and overwhelming feelings of accomplishment.

As we hiked down the mountain the conversation focused on what it takes to overcome challenges, and how incredibly fortunate we all are to experience an environment that is so foreign and beautiful. On the way down Clay discovered a small swimming hole. The group said its goodbyes to the mountain with a few plunges in its frigid water.

The ride home was tranquil, with Johnny Cash, Eminem, and Avenge Sevenfold setting the tone for reflection and gratitude. All three students expressed their thanks for an awesome trip, and the stage was set for our next adventure.