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Boston Inspiring Connections Outdoors

Bringing kids outdoors since 1994

Snowshoeing with Let's Get Movin' - February 11, 2017

A foot of snow arrived just in time for the snowshoeing trip with Let's Get Movin' (LGM) on Saturday, February 11th. ICO Leader Liz along with LGM Coaches Lisa and Libby, took 11 kids to Weston Ski Track for a quick afternoon snowshoeing adventure.

After a slight delay due to logistics and the crowds, everyone figured out how to get their snowshoes on. There was a lot of cross-country skiing activity so we kept to the perimeter of the field. The snowshoes became a bit of a challenge as they would frequently slip off. However, after a quick adjustment, we were back on our way. The kids took turns trying Liz's trekking poles, especially going up and down some of the hills. At our half-way point, a few of the kids hiked up the largest hill on the course. It was tough, but they had it a little easier than the cross-country skiers next to them.

We then made our way back to the ski center to return the rentals and get out of the cold. Although the group had mixed opinions on whether or not they would go snowshoeing again, everyone enjoyed their few hours in the snow.

View trip photos here.

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